My Journey 

I love music from Gospel , Blues, Hip Hop, RNB ,  Trap , Rap, Drill and any music thats from the heart. My first 10 years in Zimbabwe is where my journey in music began. From listening to gospel music as a kid, i felt the energy and the rush in my blood. My sister who was in boarding school at the time send me a song by Nelly called Dilema, this made feel some type of way, cos nellys bars were so real and i was only 9 i couldnt control myself. 
After moving to UK I started listening to Uk Grime. Wiley was my role model, I started writing raps/bars on Stimpy and scruface, rude kidd, JME , and Dot rotten instrumentals. I loved the grime movement because I saw other black boys like me listening to the same music like me, dressing like me and with the same feelings about life like me. 

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